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Ankara University

Ankara University is an institution that has been melting and integrating the history and mission of the Republic (of Turkey) and its nation in the same pot. The establishment of the Turkish Republic was much more than a mere change in government; being also a great social transformation based on modern science, contemporary democratic values and institutions. The mission of Ankara University is to educate individuals that will guide society in the fields of science and the arts with a universal perspective, and to contribute to the production of science, technology and the arts with its distinctive and qualified research.

Ankara University provides education through associate degree programs, and undergraduate (bachelor degree) programs, with 17 faculties, 11 vocational schools, one college and a state conservatory.

The main objectives of the university are: to create scientific research and to implement improvement projects, taking the primary needs of the country and society into consideration; to support scientific research by allocating the highest amount of domestic and external resources possible within both national and international contexts; to attach high importance to cooperation between the university and industry in scientific research activities; to accelerate national production through the innovations to be made by integrating the existing Technology Development Center” with the region and by featuring interdisciplinary approaches making use of the advantages of the university’s scientific disciplines in education and research; to prepare diploma programs for both formal and informal education, as well as certificate programs, through continuous and distance education programs, such as e-learning, thus establishing effective cooperation between the university and society.