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STL Global is a local non-governmental NGO (Toplumsal Dönüşüm Yaşam ve Kalkınma Derneği) that was established in 2015 in Batman. Its main obligation is to raise awareness of the development of the region, as well as daily life and societal transformation. Addressing issues relating to population growth, migration, economic crises and global warming, as an NGO, STL Global is aware of its #TaskToDoBetter. The organization offers training opportunities to migrants and Turkish citizens. It has been providing vocational training in the major fields that are in high demand in Turkey, such as Plastic Pipe Fitting, House and Corporate Cleaning, Gastronomy, Cooking, Textiles, Construction, Restaurant Server Training, Computer Operations and Graphic Design since January 2019 as part of “German-Turkish Partnership for Vocational Skills Development (TAMEB funded by BMZ)”.

The TAMEB project supports Turkish citizens and Syrian refugees in their efforts to create a future for themselves with Turkish language courses, social integration and social cohesion modules, job coaching trainings and vocational training courses. STL Global’s training centers are located in the heart of the cities in which they operate, being Ankara and Istanbul. The Ankara branch is in Gaziosmanpaşa, Çankaya and While the Istanbul branch is in Beşiktaş. Being in central locations in these cities allows our trainees to access the facilities easily by public transport or by other transportation methods. The classrooms, workshops and other physical infrastructures in the buildings have been designed and decorated to support proper teaching and learning, being adaptable to many vocational training curricula and equipped with essential technological devices.

STL Global has entered into a significant cooperation with Ankara University under the umbrella of the TAMEB project, aiming to increase the efficiency of its contribution to society. Turkish language courses are run by the TOMER Language Training Center of Ankara University, while the institutional support provided by the university includes offers of training buildings in Ankara and Istanbul as a project partner. Some trainers are provided by the Ankara University Vocational Schools.

Bringing together different cultures, the project aims to build social cohesion between the host communities and refugees. Trainees are offered vocational training programs that are approved for certification by MoNE. These approved certificates increase the employability of the participants. Beside vocational trainings, trainees also undergo OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Education) training, social integration, job coaching and entrepreneurship trainings. Other that the trainings provided within the context of project, STL Global retains close ties with international organizations like UN agencies, and consequently, trainees are able to gain support from such agencies as IOM and UNFPA. Considering the activities, the trainees are not only trained with vocational skills, but also other topics, as mentioned above. The organization offers such options as Practical Vocational Training and Online training, which can be accessed from all around the world.