Deutsch-türkische Partnerschaft
für berufliche Qualifizierung


German-Turkish Partnership
for Vocational Skills Development

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Türk-Alman İşbirliğinde Meslek
Beceri Geliştirme Projesi

TAMEB (Türk Alman İşbirliğinde Mesleki Beceri Geliştirme Projesi – Türkisch-deutsche Partnerschaft für berufliche Qualifikation)

The TAMEB project is managed by sequa GmbH in Bonn and Ankara. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) is providing sequa with around EUR 17 million for the entire project in the first phase and around EUR 14 million for the second phase.

Within the framework of the TAMEB project, sequa has commissioned various institutions, including BFW NRW gGmbH, as sub-project partners for Ankara (sub-projects 01 and 05) and Istanbul (sub-project 02) to provide vocational training to Syrian refugees and disadvantaged Turkish groups.

The BFW NRW gGmbH has commissioned the organization STL Global as subcontractor for the implementation of the project in Ankara and Istanbul. The sub-project is also supported by the University of Ankara.

In Ankara and Istanbul, the funds will be used to pay for trainers, halls, insurance and daily allowances for trainees, among other things. In the meantime, qualification courses have been launched in the fields of pipeline construction (01 Ankara and 02 Istanbul) and house and building cleaning (05 Ankara).

By the end of the project, around 320 qualifications are expected to be handed out in 01 Ankara, 320 in 02 Istanbul and 280 in 05 Ankara (total: 920 qualifications).

Akteure im TAMEB-Projekt

Projektpartner = Project partner
Werbeausgaben = advertising expenditure
Ausgaben: Ausbilder, Hallen, Versicherungen, Tagegelder = expenses: trainers, halls, insurances, daily allowance.