ANKEY Consulting

ANKEY Consulting has proven unique experience in the field of Project Management, Institutional Development, Restructuring and Management and Vocational Qualification. ANKEY Consulting was established in 2007 and has its head office in Ankara and branch offices in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Mersin and İzmir. The company’s Düsseldorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) offices deal with the international based projects.

The Online and Practical Vocational Training is among the main business areas of ANKEY Consulting. Vocational Training has been provided in many fields, such as construction, gastronomy, web design, graphic design, textiles and many other topics, depending on the demand in the region in question. Moreover, language courses in Turkish have been provided through Ankara University TÖMER, primarily to refugees. The large service spectrum of ANKEY Consulting comprises Entrepreneurship, Job Coaching, Mentorship, Occupational Health and Safety, Migration, Social Cohesion, Employment, Cultural Heritage, Civil Society, Social Protection, the Empowerment of Women, Agriculture, Communication Technologies and SME Development. Most notably, the Management and Implementation Projects of the World Bank, EBDR and BMZ, and EU-funded Capacity Building Projects can be included in this spectrum.