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Train-the-Trainer-Schulung in Istanbul 17.- 19.02.2020

Train-the-Trainer-Schulung in Istanbul 17.- 19.02.2020

Istanbul. A train-the-trainer training course in pipeline construction for trainers from 01 Ankara and 02 Istanbul will be held at the training facilities in Istanbul. Together with the Turkish trainers, the following topics will be dealt with in mutual exchange:

Pipeline construction:

  • Geometric drawings
  • Reading and drawing plans
  • Dimensioning and perspective
  • Preparing plastic pipes for installation
  • Preparing plastic pipes for mounting
  • Installation of plastic pipes

Exchange points in train-the-trainer with Turkish colleagues:

  • Similarities and differences in the qualifications for pipeline construction in Germany and Turkey.
  • Different units of measurement due to the specifications of the Turkish Ministry of Education
  • The possible use of the acquired materials in pipeline construction also for women
  • From house installations to pipeline constructions in outdoor areas

The workshops were visited

  • Workshop equipment
  • Welding equipment with accessories
  • Tools and PPE
  • Pipe material
  • Connecting materials/fittings

Practical exercise modules ranging from the manufacture of domestic installations to the application of joining techniques in pipeline construction will be implemented exemplarily.